DanceSnaps® – Live Action Photos

DanceSnaps® – Live Action Photos

DanceSnaps TM is excited to offer live actions shots at dance competitions across North America.

Order your digital photos onsite or online post event through High resolution digital JPGs will be delivered through in the days following the competition. No need to wait for a DVD in the mail or pay for expensive USB keys. Everything is downloadable to your local computer or visible online through the DanceBUG apps on iOS and Android.

We offer three great ways to order your images:

Individual Dances – Perfect for someone with one, two or three performance.  Order as many different dances as you like with pricing based on a per dance fee.

All Inclusive Package TM
– That’s right – it’s a photo collection of all of your dancer’s performances for one great price.  Whether you have 4 dances or 20, it’s all the same price!

Family Package TM – Take that All Inclusive Package TM and extend it to a set of siblings for only 50% more.  Brothers, sisters, twins, triplets, quadruplets?  No problem.  It’s all the same price and that’s big family savings!

Should you forget to order your photos at the event, we’re happy to offer post-event sales through where you can review the images. Always remember, the most affordable way to order is buy purchasing the images at the competition.

Book us today by calling toll free 1-877-669-0663.

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