Competition DVDs – Customized DVD Keepsakes

Competition DVDs – Customized DVD Keepsakes

DRC Video Productions developed the dance competition video model in Canada before expanding into the United States.  Starting with just one competition in 2002, we now service 60 competitions with over 350 different events annually!

We offer our state-of-the-art digital video services at your competition where we provide your studios, teachers, parents and dancers an opportunity to purchase their award winning performance(s) on DVD.

We offer five different ways for your participants to order:

Individual Dances – A performer, teacher or parent may order as many different dances as they wish with pricing based on a per dance fee.

Studio Group Collections TM – To better serve our customers, we developed the Studio Group Collection TM to be a far more cost-effective purchase for individuals who perform in multiple group dances.  This collection of dances includes all of the group numbers (performances with four or more dancers) from your studio.  Solos, duets and trios can be added at an additional cost.

All Inclusive Package TM – That’s right – it’s a video collection of all of your dancer’s performances for one great price.  Whether you have 4 dances or 20, it’s all the same price!

Family Package TM – Take that All Inclusive Package TM and extend it to a set of siblings for only 50% more.  Brothers, sisters, twins, triplets, quadruplets?  No problem.  It’s all the same price and that’s big family savings!

Key Components:

Sales – All sales are conducted at the competition.  Late sales can be accommodated via telephone.

Quality – We use state-of-the-art digital technology for all of our production work.  DVD production and duplication is conducted in-house to provide the highest possible levels of quality control.

Rules – We will only sell dances to the parent, teacher, studio director or dancer involved in the specific dance.  Studio Collections TM are only sold to members of the studio in question.  We will not sell dances to external parties.

Delivery – We deliver our final products in less than one week.  DVDs are shipped directly to the purchaser unless a studio opts for in-studio distribution.

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