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Offering our services at no cost to our dance studio partners, we specialize in recording your dances and providing you and your students with a high-quality DVD keepsake.


Our standard service is offered to your studio at no cost. We attend your dance recital(s), record the event(s), edit the footage, and produce DVD copies for your customers. Depending on your studio’s operations and any venue restrictions, sales may be conducted by our staff in-person at your event. We also encourage you to collect orders at the studio prior to your event. Additional sales can be submitted directly to us via email, the Internet, telephone, fax or mail. We accept cash, cheques, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Here are just a few highlights of our service:
  • We specialize in servicing dance recitals and competitions exclusively and nothing else
  • We establish a close working relationship with you and your studio from the outset, in order to ensure a successful keepsake for your students and their parents
  • Our video and DVD production service is provided to you at no charge and we work with each individual dance school to determine our pricing
  • Our pricing is typically lower than our competition
  • We duplicate our DVDs in-house to maintain the highest level of quality control
  • We guarantee our delivery date – you pick the date and we deliver the DVDs
  • We protect your choreography and your children by only selling to immediate family members
  • We offer direct mailing of the DVDs to our customers or studio shipping for in-studio distribution
  • DVDs include full-colour printing directly on to the DVD
  • DVDs include on-screen titles, chapter stops at each dance and dance selection
  • We provide the studio with a complimentary DVD of each show sold

Most importantly – We take care of EVERYTHING!

What does “We take care of EVERYTHING!” mean?
  • We offer pre-recital sales via telephone, fax, mail, email, and through our website
  • We provide day-of sales at the recital
  • We handle all the video recording, editing, mastering, duplicating, and packaging
  • We deliver to you a finished product with a distribution list in time for the beginning of your next season

Book us today by calling toll free 1-877-669-0663.

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